Aekashics Librarium is ran by Aekashics!
An Illustrator, Dragonbones/Spine2D Animator, Pixel Artist, and creature/character designer!
I began this journey in 2015 and I look forward to creating even more!

As the quantity, distribution schemes and asset lines I create evolve through the years, this landing page is organized to help you reach the content you are looking for!

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Where do I get more Content?

Librarium's patreon is the best choice if you're looking to support Librarium while also getting access to an ever growing and continuous flow of RPG Making Assets + hundreds readily available!

Librarium's is a good alternative to obtain Librarium's patreon content, without actually needing to join patreon!

Librarium's Gumroad is the only place to obtain patreon reward sets from the 2017 to 2021 era, when reward set distribution operated differently!

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