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Akashics.moe is a free resource repository and RPG Asset blog created and run by Ækashics, a dungeon crawling poring who loves to draw stuff from his journeys with his friends Aldo, Yanfly & co !

The goal of the Ækashics Librarium is to create a free and comprehensive resource library centered around battlers and monsters ! Browse around what we have to offer through our navigational menu! Though optimized for RPG Maker MV, resources posted here are allowed to be used on any game engine so long as our terms of use are respected!

The Ækashics Librarium  currently follows this release pattern:

  • Every Two weeks we pay Yanfly and FlyingDream a visit and unveil together the featured update through Yan’s YT channel!
  • During the week, through twitter and Patreon, WIP shots, news and updates are published!

Current Calendar & Content:

First Update – Second week of the running month!

Second Update – Fourth week of the running month!

Both updates feature up to three animated battlers and up to two static battlers!

Pretty simple huh?  Now some interesting tidbits regarding our monsters and battlers to look forward to!

  • Ækashics monsters come in different ranks of power, and their look gets increasingly menacing or less threatening!
  • Ækashics monsters come in different types and sizes!
  • Ækashics monsters are creatures Aldo,Yanfly and I have all fought in the past! sometimes they still drop by for tea. (◕‿‿◕)♡

For each release the Monster rank, size and type will be established and added to our Database, so that you can have an idea of what you’re working with and will get to work with eventually, we hope this will also prove benefical for developers as the Librarium grows in size and they have an specific idea of what they’re searching for!

Special Thanks

Yanfly, Ruka & Archeia, my amazing friends and surely, familiar names to most readers here. Without their constant ideas,input and advice, this blog essentially wouldn’t exist. Keep on being excellent human beings guys.


  1. Hi. I have to say your monsters are amazing. I love them all. Can’t wait to see new ones.

    I read your terms of use, and I was just wondering if cropping the image was out of the question. I am wanting to use a monster as a party member and your image is too large to use as a face image in rpg maker mv. Or would you consider making images of your monsters in 144×144 pixels.

    Thank you for all your awesome work.

    1. Hey! you mean you need an specific faceset graphic of a certain battler?
      Which one is it, monster and pack?
      I’m actually planning to bundle facesets of older releases at some point in what I hope is, the near future!

      1. I’m actually using a bunch of your battlers, I’m working on a monster taming game kinda like a mix between pokemon and final fantasy. So facesets for your battlers would help me out greatly. Since you’re planning on doing it eventually then I will just wait patiently. Thank you for your amazing work 🙂

        1. Yes! Just give me some time and I’ll get to updating those packs, since the new packs do bundle in facesets! Thanks for your kind words!

    2. I have the same issue.
      I wanted to make a game where you control a slime, so i needed facesets of every type of animated sv slimes (even if they don’t have face it doesn’t look good without a portrait), so if you can do something it would be great!

  2. Matthew says:

    Just a quick question, are there going to be any more animated battlers available

    1. Yes!
      I in fact have an Animated Rank 4 Kraken Battler coming for the next update!

      The Librarium has 2 updates per month, the first update of the month is one Rank 4(Big bad dragon/boss tier worthy) Animated battler and 3 static battlers, one from each rank, and the second update of the month features 3 animated battlers!

  3. You can not do too sprites of monsters ?

    1. At some point and when I have more time I plan to do that!

  4. Tukimice says:

    Hi. I have a quick question. Well i wanted to use your battlers in my game and I’ve read your Terms of Use and i didn’t understood something.

    So i downloaded your slime pack but when i tried to put the slimes in battle (rank 1 slimes) they were gigantic compared to the characters so could i resize them so they can fit properly ? (I will still give you the full credits and everything it is just an edit so they can be at least as tall as the character.)

    1. Hey tukimice! Sorry for taking so long to reply! the reason behind that is that I was waiting to unveil the big announcement and update I made today, with all the new revamped uniform battlers, and the fact that the terms of use have changed and now enable you to do modifications you need for your project, as long as there’s no redistribution of edited assets involved! Thanks for your support and hope these are good news for you!

  5. Seraph says:

    Your stuff is great! High quality and the feel matches what is bundled with MV perfectly. Thanks so much for the hard work and for making these available to the public!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Seraph! Hope you will enjoy today’s release with the revamped updated battlers!

  6. Pazuzu10 says:

    You have no idea how much of a hassle you have saved me. Your monsters look great, and all, not just some, but all of the packs I downloaded will fit perfectly in what I’m doing. You literally, in about 5 minutes of download time, got my creativity for my game flowing again. Thank you so much.

    And of course, I made notes to give you credit for you battlers, as specified in your Terms of Use page. Awesome work, and thanks again.

    1. Hey! that’s incredibly nice to hear, thank you! hope you will enjoy today’s release which are all those old battlers in a revamped form! As well as the new Librarium terms of use, enabling you to resize or change colors as you need!

  7. Chris says:

    hi ÆKASHICS I just love your work!!!… hope you can make me elemental Dragons with Sprites… hehehe… sorry to disturb you… thanks in advance =)

    1. Hello Chris! Thanks for commenting! Yes, Elemental dragons are part of my personal list at some point as well!

  8. Nanagi says:

    I have a Question, please help me^^
    Since a few Weeks when I click on “Database” it says “Page not found”. 🙁
    Im very sad about that, I love your Arts! Is there some other Link to your Ressources?
    Please help me, Im building a Game on Rpg Maker and NEED your Stuff 😀
    Of course I put your Name in the Credits!
    And sry for my bad English…

    Greetings from Germany :-*

    1. Greetings Nanagi! You will now find that the Database button does indeed work! What it does now is taking you to the master repository where you will find the most up to date versions of Librarium battlers, as well as some official lore bits about them! Hope you will find them useful! Good luck and thanks for the kind words!

      1. Nanagi says:

        Hello and thanks for your Reply 🙂
        Today I tried again, I clicked on Database. And its the same again, I will tell you what I can read and click on this webside:

        “Oops! That page can’t be found.

        It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?
        Search for:
        Recent Posts

        Hello world!


        Try looking in the monthly archives. :)”

        When I click at one of the two Links (Ladscape, Hello World) there is nothing 🙁 Not a single Battler…nothing. I dont get it. Do I have to register me on the Page to see the Database?
        Can you maybe give me a Link or something? Im very confused 😀
        And again, sorry for bad english ^^ Hope you understand me.
        Greetings <3

        1. Ohh that subwesite is not the actual database! The dabatase became the google drive master sheet which should be available by clicking the “database” link at the top! it should take you to the following document:

  9. MondaiShunketsu says:

    Just found your page and man, I got to say this is awesome! I love your designs.

    How do you go about drawing the creatures? Do you just draw them and resize to the correct resolution, or create them in the correct size initially? I plan on designing my own monsters and characters for my game so any tips would be helpful!

    1. Hello! Thanks for the kind words!
      I actually draw the battlers in high resolutions and then resize accordingly!

  10. bmwd40 Gaming says:

    So… I read the terms and let me get this straight?
    As I’m new to RPG Maker…

    I bought & downloaded RPG Maker MV.
    I learned how to use a good chunk of it’s features.
    I then went to Yanfly’s site and downloaded amazing
    (free for commercial use) add-ons/and scripts!
    Which furthers the functionality of the “RTP” as it’s called.

    Then I came here (to Ækashics.moe) and I’m able to download free and
    amazing artwork to add to my own creative games?! … with no charge?
    The only restriction is to credit you, within the game’s credits, something like:
    “Artwork courtesy of Ækashics (http://www.akashics.moe/)”?

    1. That is correct! ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ

      1. bmwd40 Gaming says:


        Thank you folks so much (like 100 and ten times Infinity), for all the hard work and dedication. I can’t even begin to fathom, how many hours of time that is involved within the overall projects. The thoughts and creations crafted on a daily basis.
        I am extremely grateful and very appreciative for this!

  11. Xamusel says:

    Hey, ÆKASHICS, you think you can insert the new additions to the Database on Google Drive? I was wondering what sort of backstory the new creatures in the Librarium had.

  12. allaiza10 says:

    Hi, We want to use your graphics outside of rpg maker. We want to use it in a mobile app game. Thanks!

    1. Hello! Certainly! Librarium graphics are not engien restricted, just remember to read our terms of use regarding credits and such!

  13. Guest321 says:

    I can’t find the animated sideview Kraken and Ritz, they aren’t on the side view page.

    1. Guest321 says:

      Also, with the edits, I removed the scar from the scarbear, is that okay?

      1. Totally is!

    2. Hi! Did you try looking under the “animated” tab in the master database list link under the top menu? I can see them there!

      1. Guest321 says:

        Forgot about the database >.<

        They seem to be there :3

        So excited for third phase! Thank you so much fir all of your work Aekashics! You and Yanfly have made such great content together!

        1. Thank you very much!

  14. IRONDAGGER says:

    How do I download the your packs and how do I make them work and use them? Is there a youtube video I can watch or can you tell me? i tried asking on youtube. no response 🙁

    1. Hello Iron! basically you can grab the latest compilation zip from the “Database” link in the top menu! As for using them, which version of RPG maker do you develop with?

      1. IRONDAGGER says:

        I want to use MV.

        1. Ohh! You basically need to import them into your img>enemies folder! and img>sv_enemies for sideview mirrors!

          1. Casper says:

            Hi there, I’ve only just found out you and Yanfly existed as I got RPG Maker MV not long ago. I’m still learning the ropes but Yanflys plugins have been a godsend in making the game I’m working on to my taste. I have stumbled upon your site (which rocks) and tried using the animated sprite of Altair in the first of July update but I cant get it to work. The front and side view sprites are straight forward but I put the animated sprites in the animated folder and the enemies didn’t show up in the RPG Maker so I swapped the sprites into the sideview enemies folder and they showed up but it’s like it’s trying to display the sheet as there are 4 birds half on the screen. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong is it a simple mistake? sorry for the long message :3 I’m really excited to try out a few new monsters.

          2. Hey! I’m so sorry for the late reply! I had been really busy preparing the pack I just released today! I’m glad to hear in your followup comment that you managed to get it working! Thanks for the support!

          3. Casper says:

            I think I have it working, thanks anyway. 🙂

  15. ShadowAngel says:

    I love your artwork, a nice mix between cute and dangerous kind of like what you see in Maplestory. I have two questions for you though:

    1.) What software are you using to make these battlers? From what I’ve seen, they look like they were animated in Spriter Go
    2.) Can the battlers be used as both enemies and actors, or would you have to do something else in order to make sideview actors?

    1. Hello Shadow! Thank you very much! As for your questions:
      1)Statics are made exclusively with clip paint studio, animated animes are drawn in clip paint and animated through a software called Spine! It’s a bit of a tricky process at first though! Had to do a lot of figuring out! haha.
      2)The animated ones are ready for that certainly, though you would prob have to resize them a bit! Which btw, is allowed in the terms of use so long as said edits are kept personal and proper Librarium credit is given!

  16. Mike Johnson says:

    Hi Ækashics, your battler graphics are really awesome! Umm I wanted to ask you something, I’m planning on building a website that will show off the game I’m currently building [I am possibly planning on putting your battlers into it] and on the site I will have small video’s of the gameplay, like a trailer for it. I’m only going to have the site up for a week before I take it down because it’s part of an art school project, it’s a virtual art gallery where I display the game, and not for promotional uses because the final product is going to be non-commercial. I wanted to ask if this was ok.

    Thanks so much for the awesome work, it never gets old!

    1. Hello Mike!I think that sounds ok for sure! Good luck and thanks!

  17. Nanaya says:

    Thank you very much for your hard work here, help me a lot for my own RPG Maker Project. ^^

    1. Thanks for your kind words! that’s the idea!

  18. Lnik3500 says:

    Hi! I’m here just as a guess, it’s been over 2 months now that I saw your amazing work and I really appreciate it for all of this!.

    I had a quick question concerning your animated battlers: since I use a static version, I wanted to know if the work is done in pretty much the same way because I was wondering why an animated battle wouldn’t get a static one.

    What I’m trying to say is that animated battlers could get a static version because I can’t bring myself to like a zoomed version of an animated one (I tried to zoom an animated battle as one picture for static, but I can see pixels instead…)

    I hope I was clear enough and sorry for my english!

    I do not mean any way of critic, just wondering what was the difference 🙂

    1. Hi! welcome aboard! Essentially the answer to that was lack of time, but I do plan to convert and provide a static frame to previous and future animated battlers! Don’t worry! Thanks for inquiring!

      1. Lnik3500 says:

        Isee! Thank you and don’t push yourself! 😉

  19. Narukami says:

    Hi, just asking if you could give us a burst picture of Beef and the new Golem. And thx for all your hard work 😉

    1. Hi Narukami! Oh thank you! The bust was not included because I thought it wasn’t that useful for users, since people do need it I’ll update soon enough! Right now I’m reworking the way assets are being distributed!

      1. Narukami says:

        Just asking if beefs burst get ready anytime soon?

        1. Oh there’s no beef bust available? I’ll look into that!

          1. Narukami says:

            Yeah we have no Beef bust and I’m really waiting for it ^^’

          2. Apologies! I’ve been really busy drawing up new battlers, But I’ll make it a priority to have it up this week!

  20. Neosage says:

    HI ÆKASHICS do you have any plans to make your own tileset to go with the monster style you have created? i know i would defiantly pay to have that made love your artwork.

  21. Lohikaarme says:

    Amazing Monsters! ÆKASHICS, did you think about make some charas of your monsters? Like, using them as units for the player to use?

    1. It’s a plan of mine, but sadly right now I haven’t had the time to tackle map sprites yet! thank you!

  22. HunterPlasma1 says:

    Dear ÆKASHICS,

    I’ve recently found your battlers and have thought of using them when I noticed something.
    Most of your battlers are typical fantasy monsters.
    I was wondering if it was possible to ask you if monsters from different fantasy “niches” could be made by yours truly.
    For example: robots and cyborgs (how about a cyborg wizards?), dragons and godzilla-ish monsters, dinosaurs, “super-wild animal freaks of nature”, and the like.

    Thank you.

    PS. Is this even the right place to put such a selfish request? I also hope this request isn’t too selfish.

    1. Hello Hunter! I do plan to tackle more thematics like those, specially with the advent of my new “Librarium weeklies” section! I usually poll around Patron as to what kind of monsters people need or would like to see in such releases, and voting happens!

      1. HunterPlasma1 says:

        I checked out your patreon page and couldn’t find the polls you mentioned.
        Am I missing something, like a patreon account, or am I just blind?

        1. HunterPlasma1 says:

          Scratch that, I think I’m just looking at the wrong time.
          I read a few posts that mentioned polls and voting and it sounds like I should wait for a poll to be set up and then vote within a timeframe before the poll is taken down. I looked today which may be the wrong day of the week.

          1. For the most part I’ve changed the mechanics towards weekly interactions in the Patreon comment feed!

  23. JoshBaz says:

    Hello. I was wandering what is the tileset that is shown in the screenshots of your animated battlers. It just goes so well with your art style. Is it your own or is it a resource you got from somewhere. If you can could you please share with us where you downloaded/bought the tileset? Thanks. Love your work!

    1. Hey Josh! That Tileset actually comes with the Librarium saple project, one of the rewards over at Patreon, though it isn’t heavily updated! It’s more of a bonus, the sample project itself is to showcase examples of the Librarium monsters used in what I consider to be their most optimal settings!

  24. Ryuuki says:


    I wish there was lightning and wind creature. please …

    1. Coming during April!

  25. Rikkun says:

    cool graphics, congratulations for the awesome work!

    1. Thanks Rikkun!

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