KemonoQ Concept Demo!

Once upon a time…

A righteous knight hunted down evil,  but was blind to the darkness behind her.

A valiant soldier lived with honor,  but was betrayed by his own code.

And a young prince sought vengeance, but was destroyed by his own hatred.

Three puppets of fate meet at destiny’s crossroads  And with the actors gathered, the play begins…


Play it today!

KemonoQ’s demo is out!

We would be delighted if you tried it out!

you can reach us with comments, feedback or questions over at!

you can also support KemonoQ’s development over at Patreon!

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  1. What a wonderful game you guys created ! I have especially been following yours and Yanfly’s creations and i have always been in love with them. Wish you the best of success 🙂

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