KemonoQ Demo release!

Once upon a time…
A righteous knight hunted down evil, but was blind to the darkness behind her.
A valiant soldier lived with honor, but was betrayed by his own code.
And a young prince sought vengeance, but was destroyed by his own hatred.
Three puppets of fate meet at destiny’s crossroads And with the actors gathered, the play begins…

Today we are excited to present to you KemonoQ’s concept demo!
a JRPG dungeon crawler in development, focused around equippable passive and powerful active effects. With a major focus on gameplay without neglecting its setting and characters, KemonoQ tells a dark tale of irony, while offering an engaging gameplay experience.

Download link

Gamejolt link




-Special Thanks-

Yanfly – Being an awesome friend overall and your constant support. Thanks for always believing in my projects and pushing me to materialize ideas! Always fun to exchange ideas and chat, whenever you need my help ill be there!
Liquidize – Thanks for going out of your way to provide help for code fixes and even more implementation ideas!
Archeia – Thanks for making that last minute commission for the boss map sprite happen!
Luc & Vistrom – Thanks for being on board and helping with everything 24/7, the demo and its publishing certainly would not have happened without you guys!



umm hi ! I draw monsters !

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