Librarium Animated – Animated Megapack I !

Today we see the release for a Librarium Animated Megapack mostly centered around small creatures!

Traditionally Librarium Animated releases have focused around boss tier creatures suggested by our patreon community, thus this megapack aims to expand our roster with monsters we would not normally see under that line of releases!

This Megapack features:

  • 16 Animated Battlers
  • 11 Front view Map Sprites
  • Static exports in side-view format with right side mirroring

To utilize the animated creatures bundled in this pack you will need for your project to be able to utilize Dragonbones skeletal animation

This is a free release available to everyone under standard librarium terms of use and is meant to supplement the existing near 200 Librarium animated creatures!

Looking for more ?

Check out Librarium’s Free Ultra pack, featuring dozens of animated creatures and hundreds of static battlers!

Looking for even more?

Join our Patreon community today, where you can get access to over 1200 static battlers, dozens of exclusive animated battlers even more useful materials such as 4-direction map sprites, bust portraits, PSD files, animation source files and much more!

4-direction map sprites, PSD files and animation source files for the creatures in this pack will be made gradually available to our patreon community, stay tuned!

Thanks for your support and interest in this pack, and a huge thank you to our Patreon community who makes releases like this and many more a possibility!

Remember all Librarium assets are available for usage in any game engine of your choice! 

Download it today!



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umm hi ! I draw monsters !


  1. harry kurniawan says:

    i like your art and thanks for helping me, realy big help, love you..!!!

    1. Thanks for your support!

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