Librarium Animated – Dark Queen Shaccad’Yoggoth

Today we see the release for Shaccad’Yoggoth’s Humanoid Dark Queen form as suggested by Gregaur-X over at patreon!

Even if He doesn’t really look like an human, this form is far less scary than his real form. He used it to rule, to give orders, or just to be able to get into a room without breaking the walls. As a God, he can decide what he looks like (Young, female, old,… as Aekachics want) but, due to color or other details, we can recognize the Dark Eldritch God. His human form could be for a 1st boss fight. And when you though you just finish the game, he comes back with his real form ! (What do you mean, déjà vu ?)  -Gregaur-X

Download it today!

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umm hi ! I draw monsters !


  1. Yurii says:

    Hi, can I order a character from you with animations for combat, walking, waiting, jumping and so on? How much is it ?
    I really liked your characters !
    I really want to make a game with them!
    I do not have enough animations of heroes and enemies!
    I want to make an action!

    1. Hello! You are welcome to send me an email over at: with details and to establish communication!

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