Librarium Animated – God Warrior Dagon

Today we see the release of God Warrior Dagon as suggested by Darkstarmatryx over at patreon!

 Poor Dagon looks rather sad in comparison to other more majestic deities.  He wears a fish suit down his back and on his head and wave a little wand the is equally unimpressive.  His worshipers are many though since he brings the fish a plenty.  Which he can control for attacks, although they aren’t sharks swarms of small fish with teeth can do a number on you.  He also slowly converts fishermen into sahuagin to be his most devout followers and protectors.   For the purpose of animations pointing the magic want up then at the characters would make for a good animation for a magic attack and if he was to have two physical attacks one would could be with his grain holder to the enemies face while the other would be the far more impressive fish swarm circle and strike or maybe just two different fish swarm attacks.  -Darkstarmatryx

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