Librarium Animated – God Warrior Skoll

Today we see the release for God Warrior Skoll as suggested by Anonfox93 over at patreon!

An armored warrior wielding a giant double sided battle axe. The top half of her face is covered by a wolf shaped helmet. Her battleaxe is covered in glowing runes. A vicious warrior who carries an enormous weapon on her shoulder, few would realize this armored warrior was a she if they could not see her long blonde hair from the back of her helmet. Her battleaxe, Hati is said to  be strong enough to cleave the moon in half. -Anonfox93

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4-Direction map sprite, fully redrawn bust portrait and preconfigured animated settings for this creature now available as part of the Second December 2018 Update cycle rewards batch on gumroad!



umm hi ! I draw monsters !

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