Librarium Animated – Knight Virgel

Today we see the release for Knight Virgel as suggested by Lord Xorros over at patreon!

This is a Librarium Bonus release available to patrons pledged at $1 per update cycle and above! $1 pledge tier patrons get access to all previous and current animated & static base releases!

Download it today!




umm hi ! I draw monsters !

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  1. ​firetale​ says:

    I have made rpg maker mv, I really like is you workmanship, and I have read various agreement, but I’m not confident I think I should ask you first is better, I have some files that need to be modified a bit. Therefore request permission first, I have to use these files with RPG maker mv. Hope you allow, l have to edit just free files and commercial

    I have to contact you for confirm

    Are you available to discuss about it now?

    Kindly advise and thank you in advance.

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