Librarium Animated – Living Hoard Midas

Today we see the release of The Living Hoard Midas, as suggested by Gabrielle Marzagalli over at patreon!

There once was Midas, a king so greedy that it desired to transform into gold everything he touched. Unfortunatly his love for gold was so great and sick that he touched himself, transforming into a gold statue to be one with his precious metal. Many years after that statue was fused to get the gold and make golden coins for the new king, but inside that coins the evil spirit of the old king lived on. As soon as they entered the king’s treasure room, Midas possessed the entire hoard and animated into a monster that killed the king and claimed the kingdom as its own. The living hoard is mostly made of gold coins, but it also contais gems and precious artifacts. -Gabrielle M.

Download it today!

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