Librarium Animated – Mecha Rattlesnake

Today we see the release for Mecha Rattlesnake C.A.E.S.A.R as suggested by Gabriele Marzagalli over at patreon!

The Colossal Automaton Enemy-Searing Assassin Rattlesanke ( shortened to C.A.E.-S.A.R.) is one of the four giant robots created by an evil being in order to conquer the earth, along with the giant scorpion C.A.E.L.E.S. . It is a mechanical rattlensake, with a tail that ends in a sharp blade instead of the usual rattle, the teeth are long and sharp enough to pierce trough any defense and there are short blades along its body to slice any form of restraint the enemies can use. Its role is to sneak past the enemy lines while its comrades are figthing, and attack from behind, so its body is made of a special metal that is able to assume the same colors of the surrounding environment, making this robot able to pass unnoticed despite its huge size -Gabriele M.

Download it today!

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