Librarium Animated – MechaScorpion C.A.E.L.E.S

Today we see the release for Mecha-Scorpion C.A.E.L.E.S as suggested by Gabriele Marzagalli over at Patreon!

The Colossal Automaton Enemy-Laser Equipped Scorpion ( shortened to C.A.E.-L.E.S.) is one of the four giant robots created by an evil being in order to  conquer the earth. It is a mechanical scorpion, with a giant laser cannon on its tail instead of the usual stinger. The pincers emits energy waves in order to push away opponents that comes too close for the laser to aim, while an heavy metallic armor protects the legs. When fighting along with its robotic comrades, its role is to keep the enemy frontline busy, while mantaining a safe distance.  -Gabriele M.

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