Librarium Animated – Mythical Knight Goldnharl

Today we see the release for Mythical Knight Goldnharl, as suggested by Kazo over at patreon!

 This knight in sleek golden armor is spoken of only in legend, and it is unknown if he is real or not. The stories of him are also unclear, some say he is a predecessor of the Legendary Knights, while others claim he was a wandering knight that helped anyone he could reach. The only thing that the stories could agree on was that his sword Aurum Rex would glow brightly before he unleashed a devastating attacks and his armor Caelum Armis could defend from all but the strongest of attacks. Surely any adventure worth their salt would like to cross swords with such a legend? – Kazo

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4-Direction map sprite, fully redrawn bust portrait and preconfigured animated settings for this creature will be available as part of the First January 2019 Update cycle rewards batch on patreon!


umm hi ! I draw monsters !

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