Librarium Animated – Runic Stone Golem Goliath

Today we see the release of the Runic Stone Golem Goliath as suggested by Gabriele Marzagalli over at patreon!

This golem is an animated statue made of well-worked stone blocks, engraved with magical runes. It carry its duty by smashing intruders with its four giant arms wielding stone swords and inhuman strenght. But when it activates the magical runes its swords gets empowered with magical power and it starts firing Energy beams from the 8 giant gems it has instead of its eyes. This sure is a powerful opponent, but why does it keep everyone away from the vault? And who created it? And more importantly… How many golds is worth the giant eye-gems? -Gabriele Marzagalli

Download it today!

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umm hi ! I draw monsters !

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