Librarium Animated – Thunder Titan Dynamo !

Today we see the release for Thunder Titan Dynamo as suggested by SenG over at patreon!

 In ancient times, the dark Eldritch demons tried to invade. Gaia formed the Titans to defend her world. Alfadriel and his knights formed the mighty wall. Ilnoct broke through his chains and dragged the demons to his hellish underworld. Demeres froze portals that opened up left and right… but which one was the one that drove back Shaccad’Yoggoth himself? The instant Yoggoth stepped outside of the portal to the Dark Realm, the very sky itself seemed to shake. Clouds swirled and a crack of thunder so loud that it echoed for miles upon miles blasted through the air. Lightning flashed and then, he was there. Dynamo, the strongest of all Titans, dropped from the sky. Yoggoth fought valiantly but Dynamo’s sheer strength was overwhelming to say the least. Dynamo lifted the wounded Yoggoth over his head and threw him back to the Dark Realm. And the Eldritch were defeated. Now with Yoggoth’s return, Dynamo should have already returned… so where is he? Has he turned sides like Ilnoct? Has he decided to leave the world alone? Is he dead? It’s up to you to decide! -SenG

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4-Direction map sprite, fully redrawn bust portrait and preconfigured animated settings for this creature now available as part of the Second November 2018 Update cycle rewards batch on gumroad!


umm hi ! I draw monsters !

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