Librarium Characters – Legendary Knights I


umm hi ! I draw monsters !


  1. Jachan says:

    Hi again!
    Thanks for the Wind creatures as well as any new after that. =D
    By the way, I am curious… is there any more “Water” ones? I know you did the Sea and Beach ones but what I really mean is more like… “More water, less physical-body” logic? Such as “Water Slime” (yours), “Water Titan” (also yours) and “Elemental Gemstone Water” (yours as well)…?
    Thanks though! =)

    1. I haven’t done more in that style! though it is an interesting one I must admit! I’ll see if someone ends up suggesting it over at patreon and if not I’ll get working on it eventually certainly!

      1. Jachan says:

        Alright! ^^=b
        Oh, while you are at it, mind to make some “Thunder” creatures as well? I just have noticed that it’s missing, even thunder is one of very common elementals to use. =P

  2. Quix says:

    You’ve given names to the other two sets of Legendary Knights!
    I wondered if you had names for these first three?

    1. yeah they have names! Ansellus for the floaty one, Remment for the big guy, and Dante for the long haired guy!

  3. Noticeably, this one’s missing Front-view versions
    I use sideview so its not an issue for me, but found it interesting compared to the rest I’ve seen so far~

    1. A mistake in th eoriginal upload, will get to fixing this! Thanks!

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