Librarium Animated – Seven Sins Creatures II

Today we see the release for Seven Sins Creatures II, as suggested by Gregaur-X over at patreon!

The 4 remaining sins would be :

– Greed : A vicious monster with some goblins appearance, He can hold some bags full of gold in each hand and a chest on his back.

– Pride : It would be monster that look at you with an Haughty look and inflated torso. He could wear some noble sign like feathers

– Gluttony : A little bit too fat he could wear a dirty pinafore full of food waste. He can hold too different meal that he has not finish yet (Chicken leg, fish, steak…) -Gregaur-X

Download it today!

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umm hi ! I draw monsters !


  1. Matt says:

    So… where’s the “envy?” There’s only six of the seven, unless I missed something.

    1. Hello!
      It was eventually released as part of a separate pack with missing creatures from other archetypes!

  2. Matt says:

    Hi, sorry for the late response (just started working on a project again), but I looked through the site and the ultrapack and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Is it a patreon-only thing?

    1. The ultrapack is linked at the top of the page, though the most up to date version of it is available through patreon as you mentioned!

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