Librarium Extra – Prelegendary Knights II

Today we see the release for Pre-Legendary Knights II as suggested by Anonfox93 over at patreon!

Huntress Arriette: A light skinned, long red haired woman wielding a Magyar bow with a blue cloak tied at her neck

Summoner Dante: A dark brown haired olive skinned wearing silver gauntlets and a patterned tunic with familiars by his side (or possibly younger/weaker versions of the Zodiac creatures we have seen)

Arcane Blacksmith Remment: A tall muscular man with dark skin and curly hair. Lightly armored(breastplate and armbands), wielding a 1 handed sword covered in runes. Carrying a large magical forgehammer on his back. -Anonfox93

Download it today!

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umm hi ! I draw monsters !

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