The first entry in Librarium Fire Elemental Creatures! Thanks to everyone over @ Patreon who made wonderful suggestions, without their help this pack wouldn’t be nearly as comprehensive!

Weak poses are meant to be used with Yanfly’s Weak enemy poses” script!

Recommended (Yanfly battle engine) battler tags for most of these:
<attack animation: 18>
<Breathing Speed: 70>
<Scale Sprite: 90%>

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umm hi ! I draw monsters !


  1. Hunter Spadafora says:

    Dear Aekashics

    I used your “shared google drive” thing to download all of your battlers all at once and I was wondering which other battlers I didn’t get in that pack besides all the ones that came after 8/27/2016 (Tiamat, Giant Bug Creatures, Insect Creatures, Halloween pack, orc creatures, dragons #2 & Quetzalcoatl, and Fire Elemental Creatures. I downloaded all of these after the master pack).
    Basically, are there any battlers from before 8/27/2016 that I failed to get in the master pack?


    Sorry if you don’t understand what I’m asking for.

    1. Hello Hunter! Thanks for asking and reaching out! Yes that should be everything up to do date, I’ve been meaning to update those master zip files but time has been so scarce lately, I’ll try to get around to updating the google master folders soon, thanks!

      1. Hunter Spadafora says:

        Thank you.

        – Hunter

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