Librarium Bundle Ultrapack!


umm hi ! I draw monsters !


  1. DeukSuKIm says:

    It’s a very good resource, but I can’t support it because the funds are cut off.

    1. Thank you DeukSuKIm!
      The Ultra Bundle is free so no worries! 😀

  2. Joseph says:

    Can I use these sprites on my game which I’ll publish it as clicker game?

    1. Yes! So long as the crediut scheme outline in the terms of use is respected!

  3. Eon Du Plessis says:

    Hey there! I was also planning on making a clicker game. I saw these assets and immediately fell in love with it. If it comes to the point of release, I would definitely have super special mention of you for these assets in the credit outline!

    1. Thank you!
      Glad to hear that!

  4. Michael H Graves Jr says:

    Thank you very much for these amazing resources, and for making them freely available. I hear rumors that there are others available to Patreon supporters, and I would love to get involved; how do I start that process? I have never used Patreon before (I know, I am a last-century man, for sure!)

    1. Hello! Apologies for the late reply through here, but as you already know,
      you can join us over here!

  5. Headshotmax says:

    Can I ask some questions please
    – Do this animation from the dragon pack on Patreon work in RPG maker MZ ?
    – Do I need visustella plugin to use your animation ? ?

    1. hello over here as well!
      To answer your questions:
      1)Yes it does work in MZ!
      2)You do need the visustellaMZ dragonbones integration plugin, but it’s actually available to dragon tier patrons over at Librarium patron as well!

  6. thanksman says:

    thank you for sharing best resources i have ever seen. I have a question… your resources for RPG Maker MZ are for idle ..
    so can is edit your resources that part of body is be able to moving like walking
    thank you

    1. You can edit Librarium assets for your game project’s needs! 🙂

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