Pixel Crawler I – The Crypt

Pixel Crawler is a brand new line of pixel art static monsters designed by Aekashics and ideal for RPG development in any game engine!

Pixel Crawler I: The Crypt

  • 18 Static Monsters plus a bonus one for the Living Armor!
  • Ideal for low-res Pixel RPGs! Each monster Comes at base resolution (96×96), 200% and 400% upscales!

Feel free to leave suggestions for additions to this and future packs in the comments section!

Terms Of Use

  • Any game engine – ok!
  • Commercial use – ok!
  • Non-commercial use –ok!
  • Edits for your project needs – ok!
  • Edits and individual battler/battler set redistribution – not ok!
  • Scope outside of game development – Contact me on itch.io @aekashics.itch.io !
  • Anything not covered – Contact me on itch.io @aekashics.itch.io !

Stay Connected!

Thanks for your interest!


umm hi ! I draw monsters !

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