Count Drakos, Database Update, New distribution methods!


Hey everyone! to kick this post off, first a bonus release from April, Count Drakos! The humanoid form of Drakenvamp!

On to the next set of news, you will now be able to get the most up to date full zip of every available Librarium battler or browse them individually through the Librarium’s new google repository! you can access it over here or by clicking the database link in the top menu!

As of this writing, older packs are being slowly migrated to the new system as well!  This change will let me update things faster, keep a better control of what’s available and what’s missing, and let you guys browse more efficiently! Make sure to check the changelog tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet!

Quick tips for browsing with google sheets:

  • Hit Ctrl+F to search for something specifically! for example ‘Dragon’, ‘Knight’, etc.
  • To download folders select the “Copy to my own drive” option!
  • Comments are enabled in the spreadsheet so feel free to drop a line!

Finally I’ll close this post off by thanking everyone who supported the Librarium during April! Thanks for the continued encouragement and tips, you are all awesome! Our next update on May 10th will feature an animated Sucubbus, Lamia and Snake, look forward to it!

Get Count Drakos over here!


umm hi ! I draw monsters !


  1. Neosage says:

    Love vampires an Necromancers very cool.

    1. Thank you!

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