December 2023 Update Cycles Boss Monsters Added!

December 2023 Boss Monsters battlers have been added to Patreon Early Access!

This update also includes two extra monsters, the last remaining two unreleased designs from the 2023 batch, Child Of Chaos Maoth and Cosmic Dragon God Osventios! These designs had been trapped on an external device until recently, glad I can finally deliver them!

*Maoth Child Of Darkness, Monster suggestion by KrimsonKatt

*Ancestral Wild Boar, Monster Suggestion by Vaiyat

*Spear Crimson Knight, Monster suggestion by Metachaser

*Gnoll Boss, Monster suggestion by DEwards

*Earth Titan Terran remake, Monster suggestion by Fyoha

*Osventions, Dragon God Of Creation, Monster suggestion by ShineyBlueDragon

With these suggestions wrapped up and as outlined in the plans for Librarium in 2024, Full releases will now return, with a monthly quota of at least 8 and up to 16 of them! I will also continue updating this early access with some more older stray and pending material, but following the same logic of people having access to it without having to wait for its full release debut!


Download it today!


umm hi ! I draw monsters !

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