Dragon Tier Pledge/ Dragon Packs Upgrade! Featured Release Mob Drop Icons

Hello and good morning!

Starting with the upcoming release for Legendary Knight Michael 2023 , the Dragon package downloads ( Available to Dragon Tier Patrons over at patreon, or in theIndividual Dragon DL Packs over at itch.io ) will receive an upgrade in content!

Mobdrop icons!

these 32px by 32px items will basically be objects seen on the featured design or somehow related to it, and  will increase the use mileage you can get out of these creature designs, wether you implement the monster itself or not! you can expect these icons to include at least 1 and up to 3 item drop icons related to the featured monster/character!

Librarium’s philosophy has always been to enhance and improve the highest $5 Dragon tier without increasing its cost to patrons, the first time this happened was with the implementation of 4 direction map sprites for all releases, and now this is the next step! I thank you for your support!

Once again remember you can access Librarium releases either by joining us on patreon or buying them individually over at itch.io!


umm hi ! I draw monsters !

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