Librarium Dragonbones Animated Megapack!


umm hi ! I draw monsters !


  1. Gregaur says:

    That’s so great ! Will you work on all you statics battler ?
    I mean, how long does it take for you to make a dragon bone from one of your battler ?
    Will you plan to ask your community to contribute ?

    Thanks for all !

    1. Hi Gregaur! Im gradually going to be converting the statics, as well as commission others for other ones!

  2. kmaz121 says:

    will you only be working on Dragonbones battlers from now on or will you continue to make regular animated/static battlers?

    1. I will continue making statics for sure! in fact I’m about to release some right now!
      As for the standard sheets, I’m currently looking into ways to bring them back without hindering the current release pace

  3. NeedAMedic says:

    The animated slimes are super impressive!
    Like, all your stuff is great, but their bubbliness is really cool! I really like how the shadow on the magic one’s staff shifts and moves as well as the way the shield sorta rocks back and forth, rotating which part of it is facing the camera.

    1. Yeah I really like them as well!they were animated by SwiftIllusion!

  4. Bezhodeft says:

    umm btw i am still a little bit confused about this dragonbones plugin , is it possible to make different animation for the skill ? rather than just using normal attack animation or cast animation, also thanks for the great work , i really admire your dedication making those sprites XD

    1. yes it totally is! you can control which motion to play through YEP action sequences!

      1. Bezhodeft says:

        wohhh thanks for the info , its awesome to know finally i can make custom animation for certain skill rather than just the effect XD

  5. Reistaroth says:

    Amazing job guy !! La France approuve et te remercie ! 😀

    1. Thanks, happy to hear!

  6. Ryeantalope says:

    So just a quick question, whenever i try to play test the project it just says dragonBones is not defined, I’m pretty sure i have done everything in the tutorial so I’m a bit lost, any tips or is this just a easy fix?

    1. Ryeantalope says:

      I’m Very new to the whole RPG maker scene so please excuse my newbiness

    2. Hello! Do you still have this issue?

      1. KasuraKen says:

        I have the same problem. And when I make an folder namend “dragonbones” it says “Argument Error”. There was an error when I gived my plant a “cPlant_tex” Dragon Bones battler but this is not the problem anymore. Just simply cross that “tex_” off.

        1. Hi! Do you still have this issue?
          Have you updated to the latest version of dragonbones?

  7. Valeoncat says:

    Hows it going! I always love the work you do for the community! I have a question though. So I’m using the demo with you assets to try and get an understanding of how dragonbones works with rpgmaker. Your sprites/assets are working 100% fine. But I noticed that the assets I’ve tried to use in-game aren’t showing up.

    The game isn’t giving me any errors itself, it’s just in battle, there isn’t a single visible enemy of my own creation. I’ve even tried using that “Ubbie” character in the default DB and he also doesn’t show up. To make sure I was doing it correctly, I pretty much just changed the Battler name for one of the existing enemies. Changing it to any of yours works, but mine still don’t show up. Am I exporting something wrong or did I miss some sort of step?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Valeoncat says:

      So, I actually figured out the cause! In DragonBones if your assets title isn’t correct it still wont work. Ubbie’s default for me was had a lowercase U. causing it to not show up correctly for some reason. Same goes for the custom assets, their default name is “Armature” which causes the same issue, haha.

      But while finding that solution, I have another issues. I noticed the difference between your animations and my own, is that for whatever reason, mine tend to loop. I can’t seem to find the setting for that. So after my enemy get’s hit, it just keeps playing his damage animation until he makes his move. Really frustrating!

      Thanks again, again in advance!

      1. Hi!
        Glad to hear you figured out the first error, for the second one, related to looping, what you ahve to do is, under the naimation tab, look for something called Play Times and set it to 1! it sometimes defaults to 0, which is the code for looping. Hope that helps!

  8. Bezhodeft says:

    Hi Aekashics may i ask you another question ? , i notice the slime defender have custom sounds when it bounce the mace from the shield , so is it mean dragonbones can add sound too ? if yes how XD ,also how to match the frame when my sprite initiate atk and it start damaging , since the damage just appear when my sprite animation finish attacking so its kinda feel weird, sorry if i ask too many question .

    1. Greetings!
      The additional sounds are added through Yanfly’s action sequence plugins, having it play the sound accordingly in that action sequence!

      1. Bezhodeft says:

        omg i don’t know i can do that , thanks a lot Aekashics XD

  9. 桑项羽 says:

    First of all, please forgive my mother tongue not English. This plug-in is very powerful. Thank you for your selfless development. I have a small question. How can this be used on the walking map? Can be used in other places? Thank you again for the plug-in you have developed.

  10. […] simple Spine test project with Defold, you can grab it from GitHub. Animations by @aekashics from Librarium Dragonbones Megapack Check out the web site for free resources like this: […]

  11. Flowermuncher77 says:

    Hello, sample project link not working!!! Leads to File Not Found link. Please update!! Thanks

    1. Hey Flower!
      Unfortunately that sample project is too oudated by now,
      You can find an update one by following this link!

  12. ZCSully says:

    How do we access the sample project? It says the link is down!

    1. Hello!
      Unfortunately that sample project is too oudated by now,
      You can find an update one by following this link!

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