Librarium Latest Battlers Early Access!

Get ahead! Start using the latest Librarium battlers today!

Librarium full releases come with a comprehensive spectrum of resources associated to the featured design, but they do take some time to cook up!

To remedy this situation and so that you can start using tangible content sooner, the early access packs are here!

Early access packs bundle in the latest Librarium battler designs along their respective full resolution PSDs!

The December 2023 edition packs in a total of 49 battler designs and will receive another batch of  at least 12 more battlers before the month ends!

Thanks for your continued support which makes the creation of these assets possible!

This is a Librarium early access available for claiming to patrons pledged at $1 per update cycle and above!  Another perk available from Librarium’s most basic tier!

Claim access to this link and download it today here on!

Price shown only to circumvent a  “This asset pack is currently unavailable” message!

Follow this link to claim here and  download!


umm hi ! I draw monsters !

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