Librarium Statics – Creepy Crawlies

Today we see the complete release for Creepy Crawlies I!

Librarium releases feature all the associated dev assets for this release matching the Dragon Tier Patreon rewards!

This complete release features:

  • 4-Direction Map Sprite for the Featured Designs
  • Static Battler Design and its full resolution PSD File along 3 resizes!
  • 9 Item icons for loot drops or equipment implementation, adding more layers of depth to the implementation of this design into your games!

Walking Map Sprite to easily insert this creature/character  into your stories!

9 related item icons which you can use to display creature loot or equipment! 

Hero Side Characters Feature assets from the Pixbattler series!

Bring these creatures to your projects today!

Remeber, Librarium Battlers are:

  • Available to be used in any game engine, medium or format!
  • Available for usage in commercial projects without the need to pay extra royalties or hidden fees!
  • Fully visually compatible with Librarium’s asset collection which features over 1,600 creature designs!
  • Full Terms of use available here: !

Thanks for your support!

Check out everything Librarium has to offer!

The Librarium Master List and the main site has all the info on how to navigate through all of Librarium’s content, check it out today!

Grab this release here through itch or access the Dragon DL for this and other hundreds of assets over at patreon today!

Download it Today!


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