RTP Alter V

Hey everyone! (╯✧▽✧)╯

Let’s go over what you guys voted for last week for this release!

The poll winners for the next resource pack are:

  • Death
  • Humanoids( Set of 2)
  • Snake
  • Mage
  • Wind Spirit
  • Earth Spirit
  • Hornet

As usual, drawing these was a ton of fun! thanks for voting and don’t forget to cast your vote this time around again as well!

In other news as I have to return to Gradschool this week and I’d like to aim for higher quality and variety in our packs, as well as actually have the time to create several sections I’ve had in mind for the website for a while now, The Librarium will now follow a Bi-weekly release format!

Every update we will get at least 3x R1 battlers, 3x R2 Battlers, 1x R3 battler, 1x Animated SV battler, as well as the related facesets and busts to each design! I want to experiment further with variety and stuff so keep an eye on us!

Lastly I’d like to announce that Today I’ve also launched a Patreon! you can read all about it in the link I’ve provided! If you would like to support the Librarium, check it out! If you support my work but can’t pledge, don’t worry! Librarium releases will always remain free and there will never be such a thing as backer exclusive packs or designs! Thank you all for the ride so far!

As usual, Grab it here!

Ækashics ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ



umm hi ! I draw monsters !


  1. mistFAWKES says:

    Any plans to include the monsters from RPGM2k3 that haven’t appeared since? theres so many base monsters that just have no SV graphics, so i have to use 2k3 AND yours, tones dont quite match.

    1. Ohh I’ll go over which RTP monsters from the past were not included in the Alter polls and maybe we can have it as a future theme when Alter season finishes!

  2. Fuchsilein says:

    Yayy Patreon! I’m glad i can support you now! *-* *config pledge*

    That Dragon is awesome, gonna make him a pretty strong boss in my game <3

    1. Thanks for your support! It means a lot! (ノ*゜▽゜*) And that’s good to hear! He’s meant to be an answer when someone needs a powerful looking dragon after all!

  3. GAMMA says:

    I love that mimic!

    1. Thank you! Yanfly just gave me a cool idea to make more Mimic battlers at some point (But featuring different objects) ! It will probably be part of new polls when the time comes!

  4. Nadrenfox says:

    The Dragon is all that i would expected i love it thank you Aekashics ♥ and the other ones are awesome too, especially Beatrix, even for a Summon Skill or a Guardian Boss is perfect :D.

    1. Thanks for your continued browsing and support! ノ*゜▽゜*)

  5. Guest321 says:

    These look amazing! I have no Idea how that vampire is Rank 1, but oh well, he’ll be the king of the dark encounters 😉

    Hrmm…. Not sure yet what I’m gonna do with that fairy…

    Beatrix is gonna be a guardian boss in my game. Phoenix Rings will be very useful 😉

    That assassin will be a menacing foe, he has quick movements, strong attacks, and no one to slow him down!

    There’s gonna be 2 kinds of mimics in my game. The default Mimic, disguising as red chests. And this Mimic Disguising as a rare green chest!

    Not sure about the wisp though…

    But the scary Rank 4 Dragon! He’s the main bad guy’s pet. People are either too scared to oppose him, or lose miserably!

    1. Haha those are interesting uses!
      If Zalaras is a pet, I can only imagine what kind of badass the main bad guy is!

  6. Hello says:

    Is there a sprite for Beatrix?

    1. Hey! I’m afraid not right now!
      But I’m looking into ways to squeeze in map sprite resource releases through the month so stay tuned!
      Beatrix will receive one for sure at some point!

  7. Tyrael says:

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for the kind words!

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