RTP Alter XI

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to RTP Alter XI! featuring three animated battlers, Cobrens, Diana and Vi!

With this release you may have noticed I didn’t speak of any poll for the next set of static battlers after next week’s update (featuring a demon, sahagin and jellyfish) why is that?

The reason is simple. In our next update, Instead of our usual Animated Rank 4 pick I want to inject variety to the Librarium pool and as such,I’ll be trying to go over most if not all of the remaining RTP Alter statics! It is another big project but I feel like I want to wrap up the Alter series already so we can move on to the really interesting stuff! Thematic releases like clockwork soldiers, Mecha Beef, Crystal insects, etc!


I don’t guarantee I’ll be done with all RTP Alter designs by the next update, but hopefully I’ll advance a nice chunk! Let me know what you guys think!


umm hi ! I draw monsters !


  1. Solis says:

    Love your work!

    1. Thank you Solis!
      Your support means a lot!

  2. Nadrenfox says:

    How much time without commenting, ibut i’m back dont worry people (?). It seems that while i couldn’t enter here yours monsters are even better, this three obviously are gonna be in my game, and i don’t lnow if i said this already, but my favorites types of monsters that you made are the Humanoids and the Dragons ones, i like them specially (that doesnt mind that i don’t love the others i have enought love for everybody!), so this come perfectly for me.

    Thanks for all your work Aekashics it’s really appreciated :D.

    1. Thanks for the continued support and sorry for the late reply Nandre! Look forward to tomorrow’s release!

  3. Linky317 says:

    Hi is it possible to make a static version of these 3? Thank You!

    1. Eventually it will happen! All Animated librarium battlers will eventually receive a separate static redraw!

  4. Guest321 says:

    Request: I think it’d be pretty cool to have an animated wild cat.

    1. I’ll see in which thematic pack I can fit that into! Nobody has brought up forests and grasslands yet as suggestions haha

  5. Victor says:

    Ækashics-san, i’ll be using your animated and static battlers (all of the Librarium battlers i could find, actually, hehe) on my non-commercial project. Just felt like notifying you, hope that’s all right! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for the heads up! Good luck with your project! Thanks for the support!

  6. Yulevia says:

    Loved this battler but can we have walking character sprite of them too?

    1. It has not been suggested yet over at patreon, but if its the succubus you are talking about, I have a 3-frame front view map sprite for a similar one available upon request!(And it is upon request because I haven’t gotten the change to packlage that rlease yet!, but I will do so, soon!)

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