RTP Alter XII!

Here we are at last! Just a couple of battlers away from wrapping up the alter series!

Wit Alter XII’s release I decided to focus on a larger number of static battlers instead of three statics plus an animated rank 4 battler for the sake of speeding up the completion of the Alter series!

The first June update will mark the end of this cycle and we will start focusing on thematic expansion packs based on previous user suggestions! Stuff like the gunblin village, naga warriors, clockwork soldiers , dark summons, etc! This new approach will change singnificantly the way polls currently work but we’ll save the details for another post soon!

TLDR announcements!

  • The RTP Alter season will conclude with our next update!
  • There will be a huge change regarding how polls work! You can learn a bit about it with this week’s video, but there will be a full announcement and implementation by next tuesday!
  • The sky is blue!


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umm hi ! I draw monsters !

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