Second June Update!


Second June Update!

Hey everyone! this update serves as a buffer while we wait for votes to come in for the next theme the Librarium will focus on!

If you’ve already watched the release video or have been keeping up with Librarium publications lately,  then it is no secret to you that I will now be focusing more on animated battlers!

For example up here we have one of them, Ort the Golem! Inside the pack you will find the sideview sheets for him, Leafen the cursed leaf and Unibun! All of them with bonus recolors and pre-made setting tags for the editor!

I have also returned to constant activity over at my twitter and patreon feed, so feel free to check it out! Please enjoy the second June update!

Download it now!



umm hi ! I draw monsters !


  1. I like golem that it looks almost unflinched after being attacked. The almost unflinched unibun felt a little creepy tho ; ̄ロ ̄)!!

    PS: Although minor, the iconset does not few updates from RTP Alter (Benkei, Okeanos, etc. onward)

    1. Haha Yeah I think I’ll update with a different damage animation for Unibun! Right after I’m done updating the resource section, It’s going through some navigational improvements right now!

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