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Hey everyone! (╯✧▽✧)╯

Time for the Second February Update!

As you know, I asked everyone for their opinion regarding a new scheme change in the Librarium and the response was essentially a huge yes! (You can read all about it and find the poll here) Thus here we have it! RTP Alter VII featuring 3 animated battlers!

You can see one of them in action right here!

following our new scheme and in accordance to the poll results so far, you can look forward to the following battlers for our March battlers;


-First update-

  • Animated Rank 4 Kraken
  • Static R3 Darklord
  • Static R2 Succubus
  • Static R1 Cockatrice

The Kraken being my Dragon-tier worthy R4 animated battler pick, and the 3 statics coming from the original statics poll which got replaced for the second February update after the scheme change!

-Second Update-

  • Animated R3 Demon
  • Animated R2 Werewolf
  • Animated R1 Rat

The winners, one from each rank, coming straight out of our Patreon animated battler poll!


You’ll notice there’s now Iconsets bundled with the pack for the battlers, this is thanks to our Patreon Miletones advancing smoothly! Many many thanks to all of you guys in our wall of thanks !  ❤️

Lastly, As I don’t want to trash the poll results of the last battler poll in the previous format, the winners will be featured in our first April Update!

  • To be determined R4 Animated Battler
  • Static R3 Gods
  • Static R2 Gargoyle
  • Static R1 Imp

And that’s about it! The running poll in the new format will determine the winners for our May update!

Thanks to everyone who has supported the Librarium in any way they can, and thanks for constantly pitching your opinion on positive changes for the project as a whole I’m really grateful!

As usual, Grab it here!

Ækashics ヾ(o✪‿✪o)

RTP Alter V

Hey everyone! (╯✧▽✧)╯

Let’s go over what you guys voted for last week for this release!

The poll winners for the next resource pack are:

  • Death
  • Humanoids( Set of 2)
  • Snake
  • Mage
  • Wind Spirit
  • Earth Spirit
  • Hornet

As usual, drawing these was a ton of fun! thanks for voting and don’t forget to cast your vote this time around again as well!

In other news as I have to return to Gradschool this week and I’d like to aim for higher quality and variety in our packs, as well as actually have the time to create several sections I’ve had in mind for the website for a while now, The Librarium will now follow a Bi-weekly release format!

Every update we will get at least 3x R1 battlers, 3x R2 Battlers, 1x R3 battler, 1x Animated SV battler, as well as the related facesets and busts to each design! I want to experiment further with variety and stuff so keep an eye on us!

Lastly I’d like to announce that Today I’ve also launched a Patreon! you can read all about it in the link I’ve provided! If you would like to support the Librarium, check it out! If you support my work but can’t pledge, don’t worry! Librarium releases will always remain free and there will never be such a thing as backer exclusive packs or designs! Thank you all for the ride so far!

As usual, Grab it here!

Ækashics ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ