The Dungeon Crawlers – New features, content and even music!


A busy week for The Dungeon Crawlers development, where the core of it has  been determined and details previously still up in the air have been decided upon!

First off, composer @jazzind_  kindly volunteered to provide the music pieces The Dungeon Crawlers will be using! The minute I heard his work I knew it would match TDC’s vision! Thanks Jazzind! You can check out his work today through his twitter account and through his bandcamp for this OST!

In the graphics department, tilesets have been planned out and sketched!

They are still being finalized, but for the most part no longer in the unknown spectrum! TDC will have 7 different areas, but map tiles for them will be kept simple to finish on time.

Gameplay flow has also been decided,  as well as the mechanics which will we be encountered when facing regular enemies and bosses.  With most of the programming planned for this game already done, now the focus will shift towards the graphic department and refining what is already implemented!

And speaking of combat, the graphic syle for monsters has also been decided! I opted to go for the same route  as the player character graphic, which will result in a more uniform look, fitting of its gameplay, and above all, in tune with the speed development premise and philosophy TDC follows.

Last for this post but not least, a look at the game’s prologue with @jazzind_d ‘s music already in! This game prologue will get illustration work to go with it in the complete release of the game, but is a nice window at the game’s narrative style and atmosphere!

In our next post we will take a better look at the tilesets, graphics and finalized NPC portraits!


The Dungeon Crawlers – Week Progress Report


Aekashics here with a quick glance at how development THE DUNGEON CRAWLERS is progressing!

First off, most of the core basics of gameplay have finally been implemented!

Most of the mechanics I mentioned in the opening post are now here, one way or another. We got the pooled attack power from the 3 party members, we got the focus on dodge and vitality for physical damage, and we have the general flow of battles established. Lots of polishment left to perform, but this is shaping up!

The mindset of keeping it simple and a loose start still persists as the foundation pillar of this project, but by this point I have finally settled on a  premise for the overall plot of the game!

In the visual department, there have also been a lot of steps towards the goal, with the inclusion of NPC rough skethces, new enemies and tileset elements, here’s a quick look at some of them!



The Card Collector.


I will be actually introducing them and present The Dungeon Crawlers’s plot in a future entry, once these portraits have been finalized!

Tileset Expansions

New areas as well! The dungeon crawlers will not be limited to a single dark cellar for your entire trip, here’s an early look at the new initial forest area!

Thanks for keeping up with TDC’s progress! See you on the next entry!

The Dungeon Crawlers


Aekashics here, illustrator, hobbyst game developer and slime in charge of ! This very website!

This month, as a side project and programming learning experience, I have decided to undertake the development of a  short game called The Dungeon Crawlers.

As the name of the project implies, this game will be all about dungeon crawling, but more along the lines of what is typically seen in roguelikes.

But it will certainly not be a roguelike.

At this point I’m actually not even sure what The Dungeon Crawlers will end up playing and feeling like, but a start this loose is also part of the experience I am after with this endeavor.

As far as visuals go, the very few materials currently available, relay the idea of the atmosphere and graphic feel The Dungeon Crawlers will see.

If you are interested to see how this venture pans out, feel free to follow my progress through a series of devlog posts I will be doing over the course of December!

Thanks in advance for your interest in my work. See you there!