Skyward Fantasy – PC & Mobile Role-Playing Game

Fellow user Ahmad Baidoun just released a demo for his game Skyward Fantasy! I personally took a look at it and can clearly see a lot of love has gone into it!

Skyward Fantasy is a hybrid role-playing game where choices you make affect the world around you. Set out for distant horizons as you discover the secrets behind the war of origins and battle fearsome monsters in turn based combat. Customize your characters beyond level 100 and rebuild a shattered world. Loot thousands of items and learn hundreds of abilities as you travel Ethiryon. Uncover the Tower of Truth in the post-game for hours of additional content.

Support and learn more about the game here!

Check it out today!

First July Update!

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Hey everyone! This time around we kick off July with 3 animated hawks and 2 static Mushrooms! As you may remember, the Librarium’s release scheme for phase 3 is up to three animated battlers based on poll results and up to two static battlers unrestricted by themes per update!

In our next update we’ll focus on the winning theme of the poll where you all participated, we’ll be seeing an animated warrior god around!

The mushrooms are part of a series of static battlers I hope to polish and get out gradually!

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Download the invidivual pack today! the files will be addeed to the google drive repositories later!

Download it today!



Second June Update!


Second June Update!

Hey everyone! this update serves as a buffer while we wait for votes to come in for the next theme the Librarium will focus on!

If you’ve already watched the release video or have been keeping up with Librarium publications lately,  then it is no secret to you that I will now be focusing more on animated battlers!

For example up here we have one of them, Ort the Golem! Inside the pack you will find the sideview sheets for him, Leafen the cursed leaf and Unibun! All of them with bonus recolors and pre-made setting tags for the editor!

I have also returned to constant activity over at my twitter and patreon feed, so feel free to check it out! Please enjoy the second June update!

Download it now!


Enter Phase III ! Announcements, New Theme Poll and More!


Hey everyone! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

With this post and the launch of our theme poll, the Third Librarium Phase begins!

And what exactly will the third phase bring with it? Let’s go over it!

Now you, as the user,  will vote on the theme which you would like to see the most periodically, rather than individual battler releases!

  • Phase III will have a bigger focus on animated battlers!

    That’s right! Phase II was all about statics, Phase III is the other side of the coin! Statics will still be released throughout the weeks at my own leisure though, so it’s not like they’re gone!

  • With the new focus on animated battlers a new release scheme is unveiled!

-First update of the month: Features up to 3 animated battlers from our patron choice poll , as well as up to 2 static battlers released at my own leisure!

Second update of the month: Features up to 3 animated battlers from our user choice poll, as well as up to  2 static battlers released at my own leisure!

Now you might be wondering what I mean by “up to x“, well, sometimes battlers will have dozens of parts and be extremely ellaborate, thus eating up more time! in situations such as those or when my calendar suddenly gets an unforeseen emergency, or when I have to work in additional video/website content for the Librarium
(Such as special release videos, available battler showcases,etc) or decide to update previous battlers, I may release less than 3 during said update,maybe 1, maybe 2 but never 0!

*The Librarium’s youtube channel will see a lot more usage!

Focused on showcases and the like for now!

So lets get voting! the user choice theme poll will run for the next 2 weeks and our winning theme will begin with the second July update! Happy dungeon crawling!

Ækashics ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ




Hello everyone! welcome to the final RTP Alter theme release! 139 static battlers and 16 animated ones later we’re finally here! Certainly a lengthy ride so far!

With the end of RTP Alter we wrap up the Librarium’s second phase and prepare for the third.

But what are these phases you speak of Ækashics?

An excellent question my friend! Phases are pretty much the major evolutions the librarium has gone through!

The first phase encompassed the Librarium’s launch, back when I was still figuring out a release schedule, trying out different approaches, styles, etc.

The second phase encompassed the decision to create the basic backbone library of common battlers with the RTP Alter releases, as well as finally unifying all battlers under a single style and prepare the groundwork for phase three.

Now what is the third phase? Pretty much the start of thematic pack releases! bringing changes to the poll system, new sections and general revamps to the website, and putting to good use our youtube channel!

Now, the full execution of phase III won’t happen all at once. It will be a three stage approach, beginning with the launch of the first battler theme poll this sunday! Please look forward to it!

TLDR announcements!

  • Final RTP Alter Release!
  • New battler theme poll available on sunday!
  • Phase III begins, bringing lots of improvements to the Librarium as a whole!

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Final RTP Alter Pack

Ækashics ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ



RTP Alter XII!

Here we are at last! Just a couple of battlers away from wrapping up the alter series!

Wit Alter XII’s release I decided to focus on a larger number of static battlers instead of three statics plus an animated rank 4 battler for the sake of speeding up the completion of the Alter series!

The first June update will mark the end of this cycle and we will start focusing on thematic expansion packs based on previous user suggestions! Stuff like the gunblin village, naga warriors, clockwork soldiers , dark summons, etc! This new approach will change singnificantly the way polls currently work but we’ll save the details for another post soon!

TLDR announcements!

  • The RTP Alter season will conclude with our next update!
  • There will be a huge change regarding how polls work! You can learn a bit about it with this week’s video, but there will be a full announcement and implementation by next tuesday!
  • The sky is blue!


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Ækashics ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ