7 thoughts on “Librarium Characters – Legendary Knights I

  1. Jachan says:

    Hi again!
    Thanks for the Wind creatures as well as any new after that. =D
    By the way, I am curious… is there any more “Water” ones? I know you did the Sea and Beach ones but what I really mean is more like… “More water, less physical-body” logic? Such as “Water Slime” (yours), “Water Titan” (also yours) and “Elemental Gemstone Water” (yours as well)…?
    Thanks though! =)

    • Ækashics says:

      I haven’t done more in that style! though it is an interesting one I must admit! I’ll see if someone ends up suggesting it over at patreon and if not I’ll get working on it eventually certainly!

      • Jachan says:

        Alright! ^^=b
        Oh, while you are at it, mind to make some “Thunder” creatures as well? I just have noticed that it’s missing, even thunder is one of very common elementals to use. =P

  2. Quix says:

    You’ve given names to the other two sets of Legendary Knights!
    I wondered if you had names for these first three?

  3. Aura says:

    Noticeably, this one’s missing Front-view versions
    I use sideview so its not an issue for me, but found it interesting compared to the rest I’ve seen so far~

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