KemonoQ [v1.1] Trailer & Demo

New trailer for v1.1!

Playable Demo Now Available!

KemonoQ is a dungeon crawler focused around equippable passive and powerful active effects. This is KemonoQ’s revamped demo, developed based on feedback we got back during its initial concept demo release .

Since then a lot has changed!

v1.1 is a very special milestone for us, as this version brings KemonoQ closer to our ideal vision of the game and is the base upon which we will develop the rest of the game!

Changelog since concept demo release:

  • Revamped combat and exploration mechanics, character skills, effects & Artifacts.
  • New tilesets, enemy battlers, skill animations and art!
  • Numerous bug fixes both for combat and dungeon exploration
  • Essentially an improved experience built upon the concept demo released almost a year ago.

Download it today!

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