Librarium Weeklies – Darkness Creatures

This month we kick off with Darkness themed creatures!

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    You have amazing animated battles
    So I was wondering if you could make me investigator animated battle. If you want to, later we could discuss a price for the battler.

    1. Reply

      You can tell the details of this request over at

  2. Reply

    Great! But, still, where is Wind-elemental creatures? =X

    1. Reply

      Coming during April!

  3. Reply

    Hey! I love your graphics work!
    I’m thinking of making an outer space themed game, and I think your particular art style could make for some really awesome spaceship designs.
    Keep up the great work —
    – RadioNate, saying Crank it to Eleven!

    1. Reply

      Thanks for the support Nate! I’ll see when i can get around to something like that haha.

  4. Reply

    I randomly stumbled upon this website from Yanfly’s. Your artwork is amazing.

    1. Reply

      Welcome aboard! glad to hear!

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