Librarium Weeklies – Sea creatures!


It’s that time of the week! this time centered around sea creatures (ノ・д・)ノ !

do you have any sea/ocean locations in your game? Let me know!

Download it here!


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    Love them! They look great!

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      Thanks Josh! ♥

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    Thank you for your hard work. You do a amazing job creating all those battlers. So again: Thank you very much. 🙂

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      Thank *you* for yur support as well, means a lot!

  3. Looking great man! Loving these new underwater battlers!

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      Thanks Michael!

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    I absolutely love all of your work. I need to take some time when I get off work in a few hours to download everything, lol. I think they’ll make a nice addition to Asnya! 🙂

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      Great to hear! Thanks for the kind words!

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