Librarium Statics – Eldritch Corruption I

This is a Librarium Base release available to patrons pledged at $1 per update cycle and above!

Today we see the release for Eldritch Corruption I as suggested by Charles W.!

Set contents:

  1. Three Static Battlers
  2. Three Side view mirrors of the featured battlers.

Follow this link to claim your key and download this release on itch! 


Librarium Statics – Elemental Wolves I

Librarium Statics is an actively updated  library of monsters oriented for RPG development which you can use in any game engine and game genres!

Today  we see the release for Elemental Wolves as suggested by Sam Smith over at patreon!

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Get the reward set which features 4-Direction map sprites for this and other featured releases!

Librarium Statics – Prelegendary Knights IV

Ækashics Librarium is a library of static and animated battlers constantly in growth and  available for usage in any game engine and any game project ! It features Over 900+ free releases and continues to be updated and supported through patreon!

Today we see the release forPrelegendary Knights IV as suggested by Anonfox over at patreon!

Get a download key to this release by joining Librarium’s patreon today at the lowest pledge tier !