Librarium Animated – Dryad Queen Rafflesia

Today we see the release for Dryad Queen Rafflesia, as suggested by Gabriele Marzagali over at patreon!

 The dryad queen was once an elven girl that died in a cursed forest, her soul possessed a seed and she was born again as a dryad. The upper part of her body is similar to an elven girl, with green clothes made of leaves, however instead of having legs, her body sprouts out of a giant flower, under the flower’s corolla, the stalk is made of twisted vines and roots, that protrudes like tentacles and in the midst of them a fanged gap opens like an hungry mouth. The dryad queen will kill everyone who dare enter the forest and turn them into nourishment for her offspring.  -Gabriele Marzagalli

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