Librarium Animated – Hades

Librarium gets back to deities with an specific take on Hades! As suggested by Ainars and Spirium over at patreon!

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    This is awesome!!!
    Any chance to also include a battler sheet for Hades? I still use them.

    1. Reply

      Looking into ways to bring the sheets back with less effort so that there can be more animated battlers!

  2. Reply

    Is he, by any chance, one of Legendary Knights or just a coincidence to be looked like one?

    1. Reply

      Everything is designed so that you can use it without graphic clashes! having said that Hades has no relation to the legendary knights. Unless you want to use him as one for sure!

      1. Reply

        I was actually asking for the >original< set of "Legendary Knights", haha. But alright. =)

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