Librarium Animated – Ice Avian


The newest entry in our Animated Aerial Creatures menu! And also a fitting boss for our previous Ice Elemental Creatures pack!

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    Love your stuff, I signed up to be a Dragon Patreon to support your hard work. I wanted to know if there was way to get the prior releases at the dragon level?

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      Thanks for the support!
      I’m working out a way to make them available, but you can message me on patreon with the ones you’re looking for specifically as well!

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    Dear Akashics
    I am thankful that I found battle animated, but I really need tileset for making my games and it’s important for my project video games (RPG Maker MV).
    What I need is: Dungeon, Snow Dungeon, Tower, Snow Tower, Castle, Dark Castle and finally Snow Castle.
    Make sure tileset must be 8bit version.
    Thank you

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