Librarium Animated – Jiangshi

An animated Jiang Shi suggested by Daryl Crawford and voted by the awesome community over at Patreon!

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    A fantastic job. It would be great if you made monsters with Japanese themed.

    As always very grateful for your work. Keep it up.

    1. Reply

      Thank you very much! Hopefully yes!

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    Great job like always !
    Do you plan to stop your “classic” animated battler for Dargon bones’ one ? or will you create both of them ?

    Thanks you and keep going !

    1. Reply

      More than likely its a full transition itno skeletal domain!

      1. Reply

        Ok ! Thank you !

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    You should rename your Dragonbones Animated Battlers to indicate that they are Dragonbones animated… I was hoping for a Traditional Animated Battler since it was labelled like the other ones and got something different. Now I have to rethink the story a little in order to accommodate a different battler.

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      That is a good idea, ill take it into account!

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    I have made a demonstration video with this battler.
    You can view it here:

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      looking nice! 😀

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