Librarium Newsletter – Master zip folder updates!


Librarium changelog!

  • Updated Frontview enemies and Sideview mirrors folders with all the latest Librarium weeklies releases, you can find access to the file and download the entire folder at once here, here or here!
  • New naming system in both folders which makes grouping related monsters easier!
  • “Minotaur Beef” bust added to the bust folder!
  • Database spread sheet will feature a new tab listing Librarium weeklies and Librarium animated releases to keep track of these posts as they grow!

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    Hi! I’m not exactly sure how to download it all at once, is there something I’m not seeing? It just links to a page that shows all of them. That or I’m dumb lol

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      Once you’ve opened up the folder try searching for this menu!

      Let me know if this helps!

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