Librarium Animated – Tiamat

Tiamat Banner

Wrapping up the previous Dragon release with Tiamat!

YEP.44 – Animated Sideview Enemies Script Settings

<Sideview Battler: Tiamat>
<Sideview Attack Motion: swing>
<Sideview Show Shadow>
<Sideview Shadow Width: 200%>
<Sideview Shadow Height: 200%>
<attack animation: 8>
<Sideview Collapse>
<Sideview Frame Speed: 10>
<Scale Sprite: 90%>

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    Hey, I’m new to this scripting downloading game making stuff….which folder do I stick the stuff in to make it work in my project/game??? I did both enemy folders with your slimes but then I got a red crystal error 4×2 I think….help please?

    1. Reply

      You mean what is the correct place to place the battlers?

      1. Reply

        Lol, I figured it out. But thanks yanfly!

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