Hey everyoneヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ !

Ækashics here! 
The illustrator slime behind Ækashics Librarium!

A few years ago, I set out with the mission of creating a free comprehensive library of static and animated battlers available for usage in any game engine and any game project!

Over 900+ free releases, with all assets considered, I feel that mission was a success!

This pack contains all 874 static battlers, 72 dragonbones format skeletal battlers, 39 RPG MAKER MV SV Animated format battlers and 94 Frontview 3-frame map sprites released from Librarium’s inception back in December 2016 all the way to January 2019 with Dryad Yggdrasil’s release!

Upon reaching those milestones, I decided that in order to move forward and create higher quality, more versatile, resource rich and condensed content, I would wrap up the free library and  focus on continuing the next phase of battlers, projects and releases through  Librarium’s Patreon and my Itchi.io from this point onwards!

Librarium’s amazing patreon community provided key support during the development of the massive free library of static and animated battlers you can find on www.akashics.moe !

During that time and through many evolutions both in quality and content, and also with the insight gained through the quest to further reward those who believed in the Librarium project as a whole,  Librarium’s patreon gradually evolved into more of a  service which supplies developers with new and original exclusive character/creature designs and related assets oriented for RPG development such as 4-Direction map sprites, bust portraits and more on a weekly basis, rather than just a few extras delivered on top of the public releases!

You can always find the first phase Librarium sets on www.akashics.moe and also over at itch.io

All future sets will be released on Patreon, and advertised on akashics.moe and itch.io! 

Thanks for the ride so far, The best is yet to come!

Download it today!


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    It’s a very good resource, but I can’t support it because the funds are cut off.

    1. Reply

      Thank you DeukSuKIm!
      The Ultra Bundle is free so no worries! 😀

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    Can I use these sprites on my game which I’ll publish it as clicker game?

    1. Reply

      Yes! So long as the crediut scheme outline in the terms of use is respected!

  3. Reply

    Hey there! I was also planning on making a clicker game. I saw these assets and immediately fell in love with it. If it comes to the point of release, I would definitely have super special mention of you for these assets in the credit outline!

    1. Reply

      Thank you!
      Glad to hear that!

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    Thank you very much for these amazing resources, and for making them freely available. I hear rumors that there are others available to Patreon supporters, and I would love to get involved; how do I start that process? I have never used Patreon before (I know, I am a last-century man, for sure!)

    1. Reply

      Hello! Apologies for the late reply through here, but as you already know,
      you can join us over here!

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    Can I ask some questions please
    – Do this animation from the dragon pack on Patreon work in RPG maker MZ ?
    – Do I need visustella plugin to use your animation 🤔 ?

    1. Reply

      hello over here as well!
      To answer your questions:
      1)Yes it does work in MZ!
      2)You do need the visustellaMZ dragonbones integration plugin, but it’s actually available to dragon tier patrons over at Librarium patron as well!

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