Librarium October Update – Halloween Pack!


Trick or treat!

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    Hi, Akashic,

    First I want to say great job and I hope you will release more in the future. You now have an impressive collection of battlers.

    Second I have a suggestion if you won’t mind. I noticed that some of your works, like the steampunk juggernaut and dragon have a displaced center area. If you will look at the image, the center point now is the wings, instead of the body. This causes in game animations to not look good. Because instead of playing on the central body of the target, the animation plays on only the wings or swords of some of your creations.

    It can be remedied immediately by users by simple edit. But I thought that I just have to let you know.

    Thanks again, I hope to see more of your work. 🙂

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      Hello! There are more to come yes!
      I’ll look into the issues you mention with the specified battlers and get back to you, thanks for the heads up!
      Thanks for your interest!

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