Hello again!

Thanks for your continued interest and support in Librarium assets!

I apologize for the noticeable absence in postings both here and over at www.yanfly.moe!

For most of 2021 and a good chunk of 2022 I faced a series of difficult events one after another which forced me prioritize resolving them until life could be stable again, and unfortunately none of them were fast or easy to resolve.

Good news however, is that finally Last June I was able to find that stability and since then  I have been undergoing a massive catchup , maintenance and update campaign!

I wish to thank our amazing community for their support during those tough times, and I’d like to formally announce I am back and working more motivated than ever, and Librarium’s quality is also the best it has been to date!

This evolution and return just could not be possible without you! Thank you!

The Librarium Batch Libraries which now clock at 1,488 total battler designs and conunting, and I am super motivated to continue making new designs and graphic asset packs !

The general plans for Librarium right now are as follows:

If you have any question feel free to reach out to me either in the comment section or for more direct contact, my twitter! I have been posting regularly exactly what I’m working on over there on an almost daily basis! Do drop by if you have any question! 🙂

This website will return to receive regular updats reflecting the content that is being created on patreon, itch.io postings and general Librarium blogging!

I will also be updating the Librarium category over at Yanfly’s wiki to reflect these releases and make them clearer!

In coming days I’ll be updating with several of the updates i’ve already announced and published since June, You can count on this site being super active again!

Thanks for your support!

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