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umm hi ! I draw monsters !


  1. Hi there – I came across your assets online and really love them. I have a few questions before signing up for patreonship. We are a small gaming studio so we don’t have much budget, but we will contribute as much as we can based on our monthly revenue:
    1. I intend to use the assets in my own commercial game project (release format: iOS/Android/HTML5 apps). Is this allowed or will there be additional charges?
    2. I am interested in the animated character assets ( Are there only 47 available so far? And will there be a new one every release cycle?
    3. I see that the animated character sets come with pixel sprites of the characters for each – do the non-animated character sets also come with their pixel sprites? And if so, about how many are there?

    Thanks a lot for your time answering my question. Looking forward to work with you guys!
    Simon’s art games

    1. Hello Simon!
      Thanks for your interest!
      To answer your questions!
      1. Yes it is allowed, and there are no additional charges, as outlined in the terms of use!
      2. There are currently over 122 sketal animation Librarium Animated releases! The release schedule can be broken down through this infographic
      3. All Librarium creatures, Static and animated, eventually receive 4-direction map sprites as part of the monthly rewards delivered through patreon! There are quite a few, clocking int he hundreds probably!

      Let me know if you have other questions!

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