LSR Sounds 43

LISTEN LSR SOUNDS 43, Jazzy Towns, Two Variations… 86 THEMES RELEASEd SO FAR!

Saturday 16/06/2018

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    Hello! Sorry for the off-topic, but I’ve tried a couple of ways of getting in contact with you and I haven’t been having much success :P.

    I’ve got a weird edge case for your use conditions and I’d like to check with you first (as you said you might accept them on a case-by-case business), but I didn’t actually see a contact link anywhere so I’ve been resorting to messaging you by various social media pages – I tried sending you a Tumblr ask and a Facebook message about a week ago, I’m probably going to try a tweet if this doesn’t work :).

    Feel free to send me an email in reply, or reply to one of my social media attempts. Thanks, and sorry for the bother!

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